Lexicom – the story so far

Astronautics and accountancy, baby food and bus shelters, murals and manufacturing, solar panels and soft toys… it’s all in a day’s work here at Lexicom.

My love of the written word means I have my dream job. As the creative copywriting force behind York-based Lexicom, I have the joy of helping new and established businesses in a range of industries to grow, prosper and succeed through well-written words for both business to business and consumer media.

After graduating with an English Literature degree and completing a diploma in Magazine Journalism, I joined PR company SimComm Europe. I cut my teeth writing for the European Space Agency and Eumetsat, became the Deputy Editor of Spaceflight magazine and wrote for an array of growing local businesses.

In 2005 I embraced the world of freelancing, providing extensive copywriting support for marketing companies and graphic designers, as well as working directly with new and growing businesses.

Three years later Lexicom was launched – and I’ve continued to produce punchy, professional and polished copywriting services ever since. See what my contented clients have to say or get in touch today and discover how Lexicom can lighten your load.